Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar
Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar

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Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar

This is a very luxurious, soothing bar of soap. Scented with Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils. This bar of soap is an excellent choice to be used as a shampoo bar and also a shave bar. This bar does contain Beeswax. 

Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Sodium Cocoate* (Coconut Oil), Sodium Castorate* (Castor) Seed Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Sodium Cocoa Butterate (Cocoa Butter), Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter), Mentha Piperita* (Peppermint), Rosmarius Officinalis (Rosemary)

*These bars of soap are handmade and the colours and shapes may very slightly.

*New size and packaging!

Organic Ingredients*

Wet and rub in hands to create a rich lather. Use on face, body and hair.

Always do a patch test before applying anything to larger areas of your skin.

Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.